Healing With the Archangels

Do you want to learn how to connect with the Archangels and allow them to help you heal yourself, your family, and your clients? This is a Reiki Attunement class that attunes you to Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

Reiki Certification Course

In this entire weekend you will get the Reiki 1, 2, and 3 Training that you will need to start your own business. You will also receive a certificate of attunement that you can display in your office or home.

Distant Reiki Attunements

These attunements may be given in person or distantly and you do not have to know Reiki to receive these. You will receive a PDF and a Certificate of Attunement once you are ready. There are over 75 attunements. Please click on Reiki Attunements and chose from there or message us to see what other attunments that we have. If we don't have them we maybe able to find them for you.

Secrets of Harry Potter revealed by JK Rowling By Matt Rowland   It’s been over 7 years since the last release of a JK Rowling novel, not including the 1700- page short story released last Halloween.  While it is highly unlikely that Harry Potter is still lurking about his fictional boyhood home of 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, he would now be 34-years old.  So where are Harry Potter and his friends today?  It seems that JK Rowling has been spilling the beans on her Pottermore website lately.  Here’s 4 new things that we learned about the magical mob during the week of Christmas 2014. 1.       Snape was NOT a vampire. While it is made very clear in both the books and the movies that Harry, Hermione, and Ron learn about vampires in their Darks Arts classes, JK Rowling concedes that Professor Snape was not vampirical in nature, by any means.  According to an article posted on the Time Magazine website, December 26, 2014, Snape was just a simple wizard, much like Harry’s parents James and Lily Potter.  He even came from the same hometown of Cokeworth, England.  So Snape and Harry’s parents actually grew up together in a small community where most residents worked at the local factory, lived in modest, working-class homes, and congregated down by a flowing river that ran right through the center of town. Courtesy of Fanpop. 2.       Hermione Granger becomes a cop. Young Hermione was always a rather precocious, strong-willed child.  Some might even have called her “bratty”, especially in the earlier books.   She was the know-it-all that always raised her hand in class but who could never figure out which hair conditioner to use or how to brush her hair properly.  According to JK Rowling, Ms. Granger grows up rather nicely.  She

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Title: Beautiful Lies Author: Gina Whitney         Genre: Erotic Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours Synopsis:Enigmatic Cameron Sterling is quickly rising through the ranks at New York’s most prestigious and corrupt law firm Wotherspoon and Associates. He has willfully avoided any meaningful personal relationships and is content to casually hook up with Becky, a young woman who fancies herself as his actual girlfriend. As a child, Cam witnessed his father murder his mother, and this was the genesis of his relationship-avoidance issue. The only thing he cares about now is becoming a partner at Wotherspoon and Associates. Cam is obsessed with the promotion and will not let anything—or anyone—stand in his way. But when Cam crosses paths with Lilly Amsel, a fashion model, the edges of his well laid plans begin to fray. At first, Cam is unimpressed by Lilly’s exaggerated effervescence and entitled air. However, he is taken aback by her incredible beauty—legs as long as an Amazon’s, silky honeyed-hair, and blazing body. This undeniable physical attraction disturbs Cam on all levels, leaving him intrigued by Lilly and wanting to get away from her at the same time.  Lilly is strongly aroused by Cam’s moody presence. His dark, erotic looks and heady scent ignite long-dormant embers of wanton desire buried deep within her. Practically hypnotized, she finds her body reacting in the most surprising and carnal of ways. However, the two separate and never expect to see each other again, but somehow they manage to still linger on each other. Lilly’s larger-than-life persona that Cam initially encountered is a sham, though. It is a well-crafted costume that masks deeply rooted insecurity and an unfortunate dependence on prescription drugs. This stems from a horrifically abusive childhood that she is trying desperately, and unsuccessfully, to forget. Her mediocre modeling career was the perfect

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By Bertena Varney, Lexington TV Examiner January 6 will be a big night for CBS when three of their most popular drama shows returns for their second half of the season premier. “NCIS”. “NCIS: New Orleans”, and “Person of Interest&quot… …read more Via: CBS to bring back their top three drama shows back on January 6     

By Bertena Varney, Lexington TV Examiner With the second half of the seasons beginning to air in early January, many “Forever” fans are wondering if ABC’s new shows will make it to a season two.On November 7, ABC ordered a full… …read more Via: Will ABC’s ‘Forever’ see a second season     

By Bertena Varney, Lexington TV Examiner The CBS crime procedural, “The Mentalist” will be returning with its second half of its seventh and final season on Wednesday, January at 8:00pm EST. It is set to show six more episodes before its two hour… …read more Via: ‘The Mentalist’ to end on February 18 with a two hour series finale     

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